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WTF is Buffalo Pave?




WTF is Buffalo Pave?

jonny burns

Paris-Roubaix happens on my birthday this year, April 10. This happens every few years and I'm a lucky dude that I get to celebrate my birthday as one of my favorite pro races is happening. Two years ago during Roubaix I started playing around with the idea of a plaid design. I struggled with it. I wanted cobbles to be plaid. I wanted to slap a piece of Americana on the classic races.

Every design I came up with sucked.

I don't mean kind of sucked - I mean full on suckdom of a magnificent proportion. So, I abandoned the idea and moved on. This happens on the regular. An idea is generated - it doesn't work out in the first few iterations so -  put it on the back burner and move on.

This year working with Snakehawk I brought the idea back into the kitchen. Somewhere around the 6th iteration, I think we landed where we wanted to be. A nod to the classic American "Buffalo" plaid generated by Woolrich in the 1800's. We're starting out with two bottles first. The first paying tribute Ronde de Vlaanderen, Belgian Buffalo Pave (see what we did there?) No Lion of Flanders just a simple nod to the national colors.

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