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The Growing World of Custom Cycling Shoes

jonny burns

Ok, raise your hand if you can remember back to the days where toe straps and a pair of Diadora leather cycling shoes made you feel like a legit euro pro? No? Ok, maybe too far back. Well, raise your hand if you remember when the only cycling shoes you could get were black? Slightly larger numbers but if your memory only extends back to the days of black, blue, white, and silver shoes then we are likely getting closer to a time we all remember when it comes to cycling footwear.

The times they are a changin' my friends. The world of Cycling shoes has never steered away from custom and while selections for the shoe upper (Materials, closure systems, etc) was slightly limited the root of custom awesome lay deep within the fit. Removing a doubting heel lift, finding comfort when your feet were two slightly different sizes or as simple as getting a pair of shoes you knew you could rely on in your number one race of the season -  those were all reasons to go custom. With the advent of technology and the drive towards personalization, it's no surprise that shoes have grown into a larger category than ever before. No longer relegated to the classifieds in the back of cycling magazines custom cycling footwear is busting loose.  Now custom can mean multiple things -  custom colors, closure, materials or it can mean custom fit. Is this change good? Is this change bad? Depends on what you are looking for. Below are a few footwear manufacturers who make kicks to suit your needs. Some you can buy -  others you can't but lets dig in ...