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San Pellegrino Sport: Family, Fizzy Water and Friends




San Pellegrino Sport: Family, Fizzy Water and Friends

jonny burns

Wow, this weekend was pretty weird. I received a call late early in the evening that my father had crashed at masters track nationals. Nobody has details on the crash other than it happened in turn two and it happened fast. Not sure there is much to be said about crashing on the track. Being in a velodrome means competition and pushing it - especially in a points race. Like all racing,  bad things are going to happen and you just gotta deal with the consequences when they come your way.  But, this isn't about me driving overnight to Charlotte to check in on old Pa Kits. Nope, this is what happened on my way out the door.

Some folks know that I had a friend, a fellow cyclist pass away earlier this year. He was a good guy. That's all I will really go into right now, but one more thing - he was also a notorious retro grouch. A mutual friend has been helping out with the much-needed organization and cleanup of all his things. As I was running out the door Friday he caught a few minutes of my time and handed me the jersey you see above and below. A replica San Pellegrino sports jersey. I paused for the moment, took a deep breath and smiled. I had no idea this was in his collection and even though it has a few holes and is a bit threadbare I think it's a gorgeous reminder of my pal who isn't here anymore. Easy recollections will now come of our sunny days, long bike rides and fizzy waters we had with our espresso. 


I thought about that for a few hours as I drive through the night to reach my Dad. I got in around 4:30 AM grabbed a water and went up to his room. He told me about the accident, he told me about the setting of his arms and the surgery yet to come I fell asleep in a chair around 5 am and he shut it down for the night around the same time. Now that I'm back home I know he has a long road ahead of him but he's still here and that's what counts. I have no doubt he'll be back on the bike as soon as possible. Maybe I can wear the Pellegrino jersey when he hits the road again and we'll have a little fizzy water with our espresso.