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jonny burns


I'm not sure when I became aware of Team Dream Team, but I'm pretty certain it was put on my radar by The Radavist in the PiNP days via Golden Saddle  or something along those lines. Yes, it can get a bit confusing but one thing has remained clear - these guys are the stalwarts of cycling fun. I like to think their designs are infectiously appealing and have elegant nods to their passion (whether it be soccer or pow turns at Mammoth Mountain) comes screaming through with every kit.

Coming this week, they'll have a no drop full of kit. They've teased these out consistently on Instagram, which has been fun to watch. My two cents is that if you dig cool kit, and you aren't following Team Dream Team across the internet you are blowing it. They consistently utilize Endo Customs and quite candidly I'm a fan. I've bought TDT kit; I dig it. Below here are a few of my favorites from their past releases. The last few slides are of their thin stripe and upcoming fade to white release.

You can check Team Dream Team on their website and on Instagram