WTFKits Holiday Gift Guide


WTFKits Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is upon us and gifting can work overtime to keep your wallet slim. The stress of finances shouldn't be another item on your plate during a time when you are celebrating whatever it is you celebrate. So, here is the WTFKits Holiday Gift Guide. My goal is to ensure that you don't miss any of the great deals that are flying around in the cycling world.

Below you'll find products with deals exclusive  to the WTFKits audience across multiple kit categories.  You can scroll the whole way through the guide or you can jump to a category with one of these buttons. When you click a product you'll go to the manufacturer’s website to purchase or find more information.

Thanks for checking this out. I hope you save a few bucks, look good, ride well and have a happy holiday season. If you can spare a follow check WTFKits out on the following social platforms:

Finally if you would like to support WTFKits please feel free to pick up a set of bottles from the collection. $20 plus shipping will get you a set sent to your front door. Oh yeah You'll see these again in accessories.


Cycling Kit

Your jersey and bibs can be just a kit you wear on the bike or a bigger glimpse into who and what you are all about. Creative, crazy or clean you'll find something for everyone.


Cycling Kit

Your jersey and bibs can be just a kit you wear on the bike or a bigger glimpse into who and what you are all about. Creative, crazy or clean you'll find something for everyone.

Twin Six

Twin Six continues its progression towards being one of the driving forces in fashion-forward cycling apparel. In 2016 updated sleeves, cuts fabrics and designs continued to have this Minnesota-based company win over the hearts of cyclists globally. WTFKITS worked with Twin Six to bring you a special discount of 26% off using code WTF26T6   from 11/21-11/27 


7Mesh out of British Columbia is the most exciting cycling kit manufacturer around today in my opinion. Combine their innovative approach to garment fit with their use of technical fabrics like Windstopper and Goretex, and you ride away with cycling kit that shatters expectations.

WTFKITS has worked with 7Mesh to bring you a special discount of 30% off using code 7MWTF30 for the following products:

  • Mens and Women's Synergy Jersey
  • Mens G2 Jersey & the Women's Britannia Jersey
  • Men's and Women's Resistance jacket
  • Men's and Women's Strategy jacket

This is valid from 11/21-11/28



KLCTVE Color Matching System  is yet another kit brought to you by the KLCTVE mastermind Bobby Dixon and now you can save 20% off these kits using code GOBBLE starting on 11/21


Cutaway USA emerged in the fall of 2003 from a few shirts designed and hand screened for the Lynchburg Collegiate Cycling Team. At Cutaway USA, we have a passion for contributing to the growth of cycling. We donate much of our time and services to Junior development and are proud sponsors of Cutaway Bike Camp, The Miller School Endurance Team and the Virginia High School Mountain Bike Series.

WTFKits is excited to work with Cutaway USA and bring you 25% off site wide and free shipping off all orders over $150 using code HOLIDAY25 


Team Dream Team continues to be a favorite of mine if for no other reason that they don't look inward to cycling for inspiration. Team Dream Team continues to look outward to art, life and the passions off the bike. Great designs, vibrant colors and zigging when others are zagging are the hallmarks of Team Dream teams kit release. These kits are created in the USA in small batches so like the elusive Bobcat they can be hard to capture.

Today only (11/21) coupon code WTFBOBCAT will allow the first 20 customers to get 20% off their purchase. After that, it's no mas.


Contour Cycling Apparel was created by architect Anna Malecka to breathe life into cycling design with an influence from Poland. Inspired by geometry and architecture, Contour provides kits that are vibrant and elegant with a minimalist streak. WTFKits is pleased to work with Contour cycling to bring a special discount of 20% off plus free shipping from November 21st to November 28th. Use code WTF16friday when shopping

Photo credit; Tadeusz Kordeczka and Sebastian Krok.


JLVelo is a family-owned business in California and has been providing endurance athletes with gear for over 25 years. Leaning towards eye-popping colors and creative patterns, JLVelo continues to make an impact on retail and custom cycling kits. WTFKits is excited to work with JLVelo to bring you a discount of 15% off + free shipping the week of November 21st to November 28th using code WTFJLVelo15

Cadence Collection

Cadence has been embedded in cycling culture since the early days. We have continued to attract a dedicated following due to our no-nonsense, progressive approach to design and manufacturing product with purpose. Cadence Collection  is getting it going so you can save 20% sitewide by using code THANKYOU


Cipolla Cycling Clothing is designers and merchants of high-quality cycling apparel that is meant to be worn going full gas or enjoying a pre-ride espresso. With understated kits that are designed in Australia and produced in Italy Cipolla strives to maintain clean, classic vibe. WTFKits has worked with Cipolla to bring you a code that provides 50% or 25% select products and free shipping running between November 21st and November 28th using the following codes:

BLACK50 - jerseys & bib shorts, 50% off & free shipping

BLACK25 - Buy 2 pairs of socks or 2 bottles, 25% off & free shipping


CASP Cycling provides kits that make you turn your head as they breeze by when you are out riding. Cycling is their passion and it shows in the continued evolution of their kit line. WTFKits is excited to work with Casp to promote their special holiday offer from November 21st to November 26th of 25% off using code WTFBF25

Eliel Cycling

Eliel has those Southern California roots planted deep in the local cycling community.  After helping others grow, a few like-minded souls banded together to bring their vision of what a retail and custom line of cycling gear made in the USA would look like. The result was a cycling kit that reflects their love of riding, racing and the place they call home. WTFKits is excited to work with Eliel and provide a special offer from November 21 to November 28th of 25% off site-wide using code WTFLOVE

Matchy Cycling

Matchy Cycling has a belief and it goes like this "Quality is not just about the construction; it’s also about the execution of the design and the design itself." Every pattern Matchy produces is carefully conceived and created with acute attention to the finer details. WTFKits is excited to offer an exclusive of 25% off the first 20 orders  between now and December 24th  using code WTF_MATCHY_25


Podia was founded on the love of cycling, the joy of discovery and adventure. They focus on creating cycling apparel without compromise and lead "roadventures" in the Heart of Europe. They caught my eye early on because  when many felt it was best to make a black or blue kit to be safe Podia unflinchingly went to a bright tricolor. WTFKits and Podia  bring you an exclusive discount of 30% off on Monday, 11/21 using code WTFPODIA

After 11/21 WTFPODIA will get you 10% off.

Hunter Bros Cycling

Hunter Bros Cycling features hand-drawn designs from a family-owned business. I like these guys, if for no other reason than I feel like their kits fit the "concert poster vibe" in a way I can't put my finger on. WTFKits is excited to have Hunter Bros provide an exclusive offer of 20% off all products to the WTFKITS audience using code HBCBLACKFRIDAY


Ornot, in their own words is "a cycling apparel company devoted to minimal design, domestic manufacturing, and having a good time on the bike."  In my words I think they were a refreshing look at the minimalist vibe ushered in elsewhere. With great color selection, subtle stylistic garment tweaks Ornot has created a timeless look all their own. WTFKits and Ornot are excited to offer 20% off your purchase by using coupon code WTFORNOT

Donkey Label

Donkey Label Donkey Label is proof that there is something in the water out in Minnesota that makes people cycling entrepreneurs. But, they also do a damn god job making understated and stylish kit that performs at the highest level. Whether it's merino wool woven into a great winter jersey or a pair of bibs to wear on your next big ride -  Donkey Label is an excellent all around choice. WTFKITS is excited to work with Donkey Label to bring 25% off Donkey Label jerseys, socks and accessories using code WTFKITS

Isadore Apparel

Isadore Apparel is relatively new to the cycling world but it has deep roots through Pro Tour riders Martin and Peter Veltis. Racers to Rouleurs have started to discover the unique cycling kits that the Veltis Brothers are bringing to the world, and I've enjoyed watching what they continue to release from afar. WTFKits excited to work with Isadore Apparel to bring you an exclusive offer free shipping by using code WTFKITSISADORE


Voler was founded in 1986 in San Luis Obispo, California. What began as a small operation producing windsurfing bags and cycling helmet covers quickly morphed into creating top-notch custom cycling apparel for teams, events, and other brands. WTFKITS is excited to work with Voler to offer 20% off to you using code SAVEWTF from November 21st to November 28th.

Refined Roadwear

Refined Roadwear has over 40 years experience in cycling and fashion. Taking this experience they know what cyclists need when it comes to quality clothing and when mixed with their passion for fashion the outcomes are fantastic. Between November 21 and November 28th you can save 10% by using code WTF-Refined


Catella is a group of Gear heads and artists. They love riding and finding the heart of this state, one town/bike lane at a time. Based in the Los Angeles area they draw inspiration from the Architecture and culture that is as varied as the Californian landscape itself. We had to create something completely new and unique. This holiday season Catella is offering 20% off with code WTFSEAMS


RUFUSDESIGN is a one-man operation based out of Denver, CO specializing in designing top tier products with a fantastic design aesthetic.  Never one to shy away from vibrant colors and designs, Ryan (the brains behind RUFUSDESIGN) drops regular releases and keeps a select stock of top products on-hand so everyone can get on the RUFUS vibe. WTFKits is excited to work with RUFUSDESIGNS and bring an offer of 15% off sitewide to you using code RUFUS15


Born and bred in Melburn, Australia. fyxomatosis (FYXO) was founded in 2003, and has long been a pioneer of urban cycling trends, world-class purveyor of classic bikes, cycling wear and an online urban cycling lifestyle brand synonymous with great design, photography, bike builds, and cycling inspired events. Fyxo is offering 16% OFF on Cyber Monday with code WTF16

Femme Velo

 Femme Velo is high-performance, fashion-forward cycling apparel for women serious about cycling. 


Rouler was founded in 2012 on the belief that the power of the bicycle can support and nurture the physical, emotional and mental health of people. We're passionate about cycling and want to share that passion with everyone we meet. We believe how you feel when you ride is every bit as important and what you ride and where you ride. To that end we craft products, provide services and curate experiences aimed at making every ride your best ride. Rouler Collection 1is offering 15% off sitewide WTFHOLIDAYCOQ.


Kitsbow is a bit of a black box to me but I do enjoy that they continually take a different look at the world of cycling and are pursuing their brand in a fresh way. The Kitsbow early bird bundle will save you 15%.

TenSpeed Hero

Tenspeed Hero has consistently been fusing the art world with cycling for several years now with a result that is equal parts unique, exciting and delightful. The support TSH continues to provide their racers is unlike most small kit manufacturers and I'm excited to highlight pieces from their collection in this year's gift guide. Along with a design that I adore, the thing I find most impressive about TSH is their continued balance in the product line by delivering their kit to men and women in the balance. TenSpeed hero will begin offer 15% off site-wide with code FUN15 beginning Monday November 21st

The Vanilla Workshop

The Vanilla Workshop is known more for bicycles than kits but I do like these a bit more than I should seeing as I don't own a Vanilla or Speedvagen. However, they are too nice not to include.

The Athletic

The Athletic kits are always a crowd pleaser whether it's a throwback 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles vibe on the National kit, a collab with Attaquer, or getting cubed, they never let me down. If you don't know this small shop out of Portland you really need to give them a strong look.

Competitive Cyclist

Competitive Cyclist is best known as a specialty online retailer of bikes and apparel, but they regularly produce exclusive pieces with some of the best brands in cycling as well. They always put a unique aesthetic twist on time tested gear, but I’m particularly taken with their shoe collaborations. Save 10% on select Competitive Cyclist gear, including sale items, using code WTF10



Outside is free but you can pay a big price if you aren't prepared.



Outside is free but you can pay a big price if you aren't prepared.

7Mesh Outerwear

7Mesh has a team with roots that run deep into the world of being outside in weather that's great one minute and terrible the next. I'm excited to work with 7Mesh to provide a special offer on two of the most versatile pieces of outerwear available for the cyclist.

The 7Mesh Resistance Jacket is lightweight Windstopper Active shell that has become a go-to jacket of many riders I know. Taped seams and venting in all the right places keep body dry and temperature regulated, the resistance jacket packs down super easy and is the go-to on days the weather is bad or looks like it might turn a good time sideways. The 7Mesh Strategy Jacket uses multiple Windstopper panels and various high and low loft fleece panels to become a one-and-done cold-weather riding garment. I leave it to one of my favorite gear reviewers to describe it best.

I'm excited to bring an exclusive offer from the team at 7Mesh to you on the Resistance and Strategy jacket as part of the WTFKits Holiday Guide.

WTFKITS has worked with 7Mesh to bring you a special discount of 30% off using code 7MWTF30 for the following products:

  • Mens and Women's Synergy Jersey
  • Mens G2 Jersey & the Women's Britannia Jersey
  • Men's and Women's Resistance jacket
  • Men's and Women's Strategy jacket
The @7meshinc Strategy Jacket is a blend between a cycling jacket and jersey with an incredible depth of detail right down to seams. Using a hands-on, in-house approach, the designers leverage their experience and best practices in outdoor apparel to deliver something that is unique to cycling.
— Life Is A Beautiful Detail

Twin Six Outerwear

Twin Six continues to march forward with their Standard line and ensure every single garment made can withstand the whatever Mother Nature throws their way in the wilds of Minnesota. I've found the Standard line to be a no-brainer when it comes to hitting the road or dirt for multiple days in a row. WTFKITS worked with Twin Six to bring you a special discount of 26% off using code WTF26T6  from 11/21-11/27 

cadence collection x 686


Cadence and 68^6 teamed up t bring a 3l jacket and an insulator to life for those who need a little more protectiong from the elements. in their words:

After a five year hiatus, we teamed up once again, with snowboard outerwear brand “686” to bring you the best in outerwear protection. Our all new Kenton 3L rain jacket and Ericson Insulator jacket are both loaded with plenty of features to get you through almost anything mothernature can serve up

Cadence Collection  i getting it going so you can save 20% sitewide by using code THANKYOU

Isadore Apparel Outerwear

Isadore Apparel has unique insight into the cycling world with two Pro Tour riders as founders but it's also nice to see highly stylistic pieces coming from them. While I haven't ridden in the gear yet, in conversations with friends in Europe the Merino Membrane Softshell is highly regarded as a great go-to jacket for cold days while turning the pedals. WTFKITS is excited to work with the Isadore Apparel to bring you an exclusive offer free shipping by using code WTFKITSISADORE


Bontrager likely isn't the first name that rolls off your tongue when you think of outerwear but my eyes, ears and brain perked up when I read the ABC's of Awareness and the reference materials. I was already a fan of everything Hi-Viz, but this made me look deeper into the Bontrager line, and I was excited that they were aligning their outerwear and accessories to these principles.


Insulators are becoming more and more prevalent in the cycling world. Why? Well, it's a piece of outerwear that carries weight for equal parts lifestyle and cycling. Given that combo, it's easy to see people taking their expression of "I want to be outside" cycling off the bike. Now this type of outerwear has rapidly expanded as a category across all of outdoors, so we'll see more of these coming in the future.





Mavic Footwear

Mavic changed things up the past few years. To my surprise the fan favorite 'Fury' was replaced and updated with the 'Crossmax SL Ultimate.' Of course, this is like going from a fast and excellent car to a car that is quicker and that much more awesome. Given this time of year may bring a deal from an unknown source I highly suggest looking into a pair of Mavic shred slippers.


Bontrager knows a thing or two about making some cycling shoes. Whether its women's specific mountain and road shoes to lace ups to boots that will see your through cold Wisconsin months, they have you covered. The inForm pattern uppers provide a fine-tuned fit for every foot ensuring these shoes find a great fit across every foot.





DeFeet Socks & Warmers

Defeet Socks will be coming up a lot here in the next few galleries. That's because this small shop is my pick for sleeper hit of the cycling industry. Makes a great product, supports a ton of small companies (as you see above) and has their own amazing products (Woolie Boolie, etc). So if you aren't familiar - get familiar and fast.  WTFKits is lucky to have partnered with Defeet International on a special offer for the gift guide of 30% off store wide using code WTF30

Volar Active

Volar Active product tells a story inspired by an achievement. Whether it's a race, a hike, a group or solo ride, each movement propels us towards our goal. They focus on meaningful, high-quality, stylish socks and accessories, made in the U.S. WTFKits is excited to bring you the opportunity to save 30% sitewide at Volar Active using code WTFBLACKFRIDAY

Twin Six

Twin Six has expanded their accessory line in recent years bringing some fantastic wool socks to life, great art to their bottles and an expanded number of caps and hats to their headwear. WTFKITS worked with Twin Six to bring you a special discount of 26% off using code WTF26T6  from 11/21-11/27 

Handlebar Mustache

Handlebar Mustache are couple of fantastic folks from Colorado that are constantly fusing cycling and European culture into a great set of products. You can save  20% off site-wide with them using code THANKS20

The Athletic

The Athletic will be the MBA project of some sports culture business school nerd one day. A pair of socks from a "so odd it's glorious" airport carpet goes into commerce overdrive and one of thus spawns a whole new business where art, sport, and commerce collide in an amazing way. OK, we may be a ways off from MBAs but what The Athletic has done is nothing short of exciting. Fusing art, sport, and lifestyle together into a great product while serving up new and great reads from the culture side of the sport.  


Rothera is hitting the big sale week and saying "bye-bye" to Small Business Saturday and kick-starting Small Business Week. This week use code SMALLBUSINESS and save 10% on all the new Rothera cold weather and winter weight caps.

Team Awesome

Team Awesome has a really simple motto "Ride Bikes. Have Fun. Stay Awesome". I don't want to screw it up by writing more words that screw up that basic (yet awesome) premise. Code WTF will get you 30% off your total order.

ursa minor

Ursa Minor was started with the purpose of building products that enable you to get back direction in your life. Receiving it’s namesake after the constellation in the northern sky that has been used as a directional point of north. Ursa Minor provides you with value and performance so you keep your mind on the experience and getting direction in your life. Ursa Minor is providing you witha exclusive code for 20% off sitewide with code WTFRIDAY2016

Warmfront Chest Warmer

Warmfront Founder Matt explains it better than I could.  By the way, what Matt won't tell you is that he is getting these into the hands of vets and breast cancer survivors at little to no cost to those individuals. I don't just like Matt (I do, though - he's a good dude) and Warmfront, I'm excited about what they do and who they stand up for. The floor is yours Matt.

In October 2005, we were mountain biking in Golden, Colorado. Fall in here in the Rockies is warm during the day, and the minute the sun goes down - the temperature drops. It’s cold. Tired of being cold, I would carry all types of cycling jackets and base layers to try to keep warm on the descent back to the parking lot - jackets, vests, etc. On this day, the cycling jacket I had strapped to my backpack worked itself loose and the sleeve nearly became wrapped in my rear wheel. Frustrated, I thought there has to be a better way to stay warm. Inspired by my friend Bruce who used to make arm warmers out of cheap tube socks, and seeing Tour De France riders grab newspapers from the fans and stuff them down their jerseys for mountain descents - The Warmfront was born.

Our first prototype was a thermal undershirt. Our second prototype was a fleece jacket cut to ribbons and put back together. Testing over 25 different fabric weights in all weather conditions resulted in a what you see today. The Warmfront is one of the best combinations of warmth, compact size and flexibility for cycling, skiing, boarding, and hiking. Each Warmfront is made right here in Colorado, and we stand behind every one, 100%, no questions asked. We think it’s better than a thermal base layer and a cycling jacket, and want you to find out for yourself.
— Matt Sodnicar, Warmfront Founder

Bontrager Accesories

Bontrager isn't a brand of lights I own, but they are on my radar. The idea of daytime running lights is still foreign to lots of cyclists, but I'm excited to see them preaching the good word of getting people lit up! Coupled with cold weather pieces, they aim to keep us riding through winter.


Thank You


Thank You

So, thank you to all the companies who decided to take part in this year’s gift guide. The gift guide is curated in a 100% editorial method. I wasn't paid to place any products in the guide.I don't have any financial position if anybody sells anything. The only rationale here is to take what cycling kit companies are doing or planning to do and consolidate it so the consumer/reader/viewer has a single source they can use over the next few weeks.

A big thank you to Jeremy Nathan, Bill Thorton, Ted Burns, Jed Kornbluh, Adam Austin, Emily Kachorek, Tyler at 7Mesh, Rob at DeFeet, Ryan at Twin Six and all the other participants who made this easy,

The biggest thank you goes to my wife Jennifer. She was a tremendous amount of support, help and feedback. You would not have this guide or these discounts had it not been for her support.

I hope everyone has a happy and joyous holiday season,

JB @ WTFKits




Because I get to have my favorite people tell me what their favorite stuff is. That's why.



Because I get to have my favorite people tell me what their favorite stuff is. That's why.

Emily Kachorek of Squid Bikes Holiday picks

i met Emily while on the road last year and i got the rundown on Squid Bikes. This year with Squid working closely with Eliel and the idea of their surf inspired separates line I became and even bigger fan. Check out her picks below and give her a follow on Instagram.

I am a HUGE fan of the entire Stance Run line. Some of the highest quality and most comfortable socks I have ever ridden in. Plus they all look super cool. 

Picky Bars!!  I admit I am one of their athletes, but thats because I love the products, the company and their roots. Their new flavor, Moroccan Your World, has turmeric and cardamom in it! Totally my new favorite!

The new Bell Zephyr MIPS is fantastic! Sleek, stylish, light and, unlike other MIPS helmets, the MIPS system is actually integrated into the helmet itself so it doesn't just feel like a weird separate piece. Double thumbs on this one Bell! 

Note; Emily was too nice to put her own products in here so I'm doing it for her.


Squid Separates by Eliel are a Made in the USA kit product and some damn fine cycling kit. Emily races, trains and party paces in these which makes them rad in my book.

Squid Bikes first models rolled out in Summer 2014 after extended plotting, re-plotting, and extensive design efforts. They set out to build the best CX bikes that possible and partnered with an exceptional team to make this happen. The bikes are meticulously welded by hand in California by the folks who have made Ventana Mountain Bikes for the past 28 years.    


Life Is A Beautiful Detail Holiday Picks

Lets get this party started with Jeremy Nathan from Life is a Beautiful Detail. LiBD is a favorite of mine because Jeremy takes fantastic photographs and goes deep onto the intricacies of product design and development. Now you may not care about fabric weight and seam tape, but I live and die for those little details, and so does Jeremy. 

Below Jeremy goes deep on five of his favorite products and true to form the man pulls out what you would believe is mundane and makes it fun. So with that, I'll turn it over to Jeremy.

Do technical fabrics and even more technical patterning backed by a serious pedigree in outdoor sports makes for some seriously stoked gear? Sure do! With temperatures dropping fast I'm putting the whole 7Mesh Strata System or the 7mesh Revelation Jacket (pssst it's on sale right now) on my holiday list.

There aren't many things worse than pedaling around with sore feet. So why not treat your feet to the MAAP/Suplest Road shoe?  Based off the Suplest Edge/3 with Double Boa Closure, SOLESTAR footbed, and their Ergo 360 last I'm stoked to clip these into my holiday list. Come on; they look so plush.

Maybe I'm just a bit nostalgic; maybe times are a little bit weird right now, or maybe Godandfamous #nailedit. No matter what you may (or may not) remember about the 90s, the Godandfamous Idiocracy Jersey will have something for you. I'm a big G&F fan who's putting a trip down memory lane on my holiday list.

Acre Supply, sister company, and division of Mission Workshop, has crafted a small but impressive collection of technical apparel. With this years holiday list I’m hoping to close a critical gap in my kit line up with their Polartec Neoshell and tape seam constructed Meridian Vest. It fills my minimalist heart with holiday cheer.

Who doesn't love a fresh set of foot tubes? And since you know someone's going to give you socks why not just tell them to get you some Chubby Bobcat Dream Supreme socks. They're made from ultra soft 200 needle COOLMAX, but my favorite part is the built-in compression arch support. If your loved ones buy you, the whole six color Dream Supreme pack they save some coin for more holiday list loot.


kit discount codes

Some people need a hand getting started.


kit discount codes

Some people need a hand getting started.

If you found this gift guide, recommendations and discount code list helpful please take a moment and consider buying a pair of WTFKits water bottles to help support WTFKits. One more thing if you are from a major cycling publication and feel like copying this list -  totally cool. i just give me a link back or some form of attribution. 

Enjoy the holidays,

Jon @ WTFKits

Discount Codes

  1. 7Mesh save 30% off using code 7MWTF30 on select products listed in the WTFKits guide
  2. Twin Six save 26% off using code WTF26T6 from 11/21-11/27 
  3. Defeet save 30% off store wide using code WTF30
  4. KLCTVE Save 20% off these kits using code GOBBLE starting on 11/21
  5. Cutaway USA 25% off site wide and free shipping off all orders over $150 using code HOLIDAY25 
  6. ORNOT 20% off your purchase by using coupon code WTFORNOT
  7. Team Dream Team code WTFBOBCAT will allow the first 20 customers to get 20% off their purchase.
  8. Contour 20% off plus free shipping use code WTF16friday when shopping
  9. JLVelo 15% off + free shipping the week of November 21st to November 28th using code WTFJLVelo15
  10. Cipolla BLACK50 - jerseys & bib shorts, 50% off & free post. BLACK25 - Buy 2 pairs of socks or 2 bottles, 25% off & free post
  11. Casp 25% off using code WTFBF25
  12. Eliel Cycling 25% off site wide using code WTFLOVE
  13. Podia Cyling 30% off on Monday, 11/21 using code WTFPODIA. After 11/21  WTFPODIA will get you 10% off.
  14. Hunter Bros Cycling 20% off all products to the WTFKITS audience using code HBCBLACKFRIDAY
  15. Donkey Label 25% off jerseys, socks and accessories using code WTFKITS
  16. Isadore Apparel get free shipping by using code WTFKITSISADORE
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  31. CAPO is offering 20% CapoHoliday16 at checkout.
  32. Ridge Supply is offering 25% off with code SHAKETHEDUST
  33. Rapha is doing 30% off select items on
  34. has wonderful designed kits in their gift guide section that have savings when you purchase as a bundle
  35. Cadence Collection is getting it going so you can save 20% sitewide by using code THANKYOU
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  37. Peppermint cycling Co. has 14 great bundles that will allow you to save big on their gear
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  39. Velocio Apparel is offering a $40 store credit for every $200 spent.
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  41. Maglianera Cycling is running 30% off with code WTFBLK from Black Friday to Monday
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  46. Warsaw Cycling has 30% off and more on their site
  47. Mirra Collective has a special on their awesome Golden Protea jersey
  48. Velotec is offering 40% off their summer collection using code BLACKFRIDAY2016
  49. Lake Cycling Shoes use codes CLCTION20 or FINAL 40 for savings on new shred slippers now through Friday 11/25
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  55. Mad Alchemy has socks on sale right now. Select items only.
  56. Panache Cycle has 38% on their site
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  60. Victory Chimps is offering 20% off with code WTFCHIMP