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The WTFKits White Cap Collection

Celebrating the 2015 UCI Road World Championships in Richmond, VA

The first WTFKits cap is now sold out. if you grabbed one thank you and enjoy!

Who's number one? When the world is in your backyard who cares!

The Yo Bottle is back with a special design just for Richmond 2015.


The WTFKits Instagram Feed

2011 was a weird year. I found myself looking at cycling a sport I had come to love over 25 years and "saying some of this is fun, some of this could be different -  why isn't anybody losing their mind over how fun cycling is?" That questioning led to WTF Kits. The first go I tried to laugh. The second go I tried to think, this latest incarnation is a bit different because at the end of the day we are riding two wheeled machines. Some of us wear spandex, others wear flannel, some race and some simply roll. So, who cares what you wear? I don't know. Have fun, ride hard, ride easy, be cool.